The Pit Gouffre de la Fage

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The Pit Gouffre de la Fage

La Fage: pit gouffre to visit during your stay at the hotel

The Pit Gouffre de La Fage

A listed Natura 2000 site, the Gouffre de la Fage offers a subterranean dive at a depth of 25-metres. This journey into time at the earth’s centre marks the transition between plant and mineral worlds. The first gallery bursts with colour, petrified cascades, church organs and curtains. Thousands of stalactites light up the end gallery and then a paleontological deposit reveals the unusual bones of animals that are at least three thousand years old. Happy descent!

Found at: The Gouffre de la Fage is a 10-minute drive from the ACE Hotel Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Gouffre de la Fage
19600 Noailles